Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda Remote Gaming License

Antigua and Barbuda are two islands that compose a single nation in the Caribbean Sea east of Puerto Rico. The country has been issuing licenses and regulating online gambling since 1994. It licenses a number of US-friendly gambling sites as well as sites that serve the non-US market. In its early years as a licensing entity, Antigua was generous in awarding licenses to any operator who could meet the minimum standards of approval. This resulted in a number of low quality gambling sites proudly displaying the Antigua seal of approval and then going on to run borderline scam operations. The good news is Antigua tightened its regulatory standards and become much more discriminating in who it authorized to operate internet gaming organizations. The Antigua and Barbuda licensing authority is now whitelisted by the UK, and its licensees have a much improved track record for taking care of players. If you see the Antigua seal of approval displayed anywhere on a gambling website, you can click on that seal to go straight to the Antigua Directorate of Offshore Gaming website. There, you’ll see the current status of the license-holder. You can click on that seal any time to see the authenticity of any gambling site’s claim to be licensed.

Licensing Process and Fees

Any operator interested in setting up shop in Antigua must apply for a license to gamble, undergo a background check, and submit to independent audits of its gambling systems and finances. If approved, the operator is given a 1-year license which is renewable each year after. The necessary paperwork to submit an application can be found at the Antigua Gaming website (see the top of this page).


  • Application fee: Euro 15,000
  • Interactive gaming license: Euro 100,000
  • Interactive wagering license: Euro 75,000
  • Annual renewal fee per license: Euro 5,000

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