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In the blockchain space, the community is a key feature of a project’s growth path; maintaining and engaging the community plays a key role in a project’s success. But managing the community during crowdsourcing or other events is challenging, the community is ‘on’ 24/7 and demands responsive management. Szilaghi Consulting performs as a team to support and complement a project moving with tactile speed to address community needs in real-time to ensure highly effective engagement and support.

Community Development

Essential to blockchain projects today, multi-platform, 24/7 support and management.

Automation & Tech Tools

From AI based tools to beta program management, our team accelerates a project through automation, testing and documentation.


Szilaghi Consulting has extensive expertise in managing competitions, bounty programs, airdrops and other viral promotion opportunities.

Social Media Awareness

Szilaghi Consulting boosts a project’s social media reach through consistent, informative content streams.

White Paper Development

White Papers are an important element of presenting a project’s potential. The Szilaghi Consulting offers white paper services from review to creation.

First Line Support

The Szilaghi Consulting Team tackles the first line of support to a project, allowing your team to stay focused on your project deliverables.

Crypto Expertise

As a group of crypto-enthusiasts, our team can provide support to all levels of user. The team stay ahead of the curve by staying current on all major industry trends and tools.

Influencer Network

The Szilaghi Consulting maintains relationships with leading industry voices providing clients with access to this network of vetted influencers with pre-negotiated pricing advantages.

Create Your ICO Service Plan

We offer a comprehensive range of cryptocurrency ICO services that cover every aspect of launching an ICO.

STAGE 1: How to prepare your ICO

Legal Entity Set-up: Jurisdiction selection and corporate structure set-up
Business Model Optimization: Business tokenization, token utility design
Advisor/Partner Introduction: Enhance team profile and complete business ecosystem
Core Material Advisory: Whitepaper audit/translation, website production, video production
Private Placement: Bonus tier design, VC and investor strategy, and investor pooling

STAGE 2: How to promote your ICO

Growth Hacking: International program design and content strategy
Community & Bounty Campaigns: Moderator training & bounty campaign design
ICO Marketing: Competitor identification, digital ads strategy, and ICO rating website listing
PR Management: Top tier media pitching and creative pitching strategy
Influencer Strategy: Blockchain/crypto KOL introduction and AMA planning
Roadshow Exposure: Blockchain/crypto events and public pitch opportunities

STAGE 3: How to run your Token sale

KYC/AML Procedures: Global identity verification, identity document verification, and AML
ID as a Service: Leverage Szilaghi Consulting’s user base to boost sales performance
ICO Dashboard: Monitor and manage ICO performance in real-time
Smart Contract Audit: Smart contract review to ensure security
Multi-sig Wallet Management: Multi-sig wallet development and multi-sig wallet training

STAGE 4: How to get listed

Ensure Liquidity: Guaranteed listing as our ICO clients right after end of your ICO
Robust Exchange Infrastructure: Stable and lightning fast API and 5-star exchange security
Brand Awareness Boost: Community campaigns and airdrop missions
Trading Volume Boost: Trading contest campaigns
Diversified Trader Base: 25% N.America, 25% EU, 25% Asia, & 25% Rest of the world

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