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In the blockchain space, the community is a key feature of a project’s growth path; maintaining and engaging the community plays a key role in a project’s success. But managing the community during crowdsourcing or other events is challenging, the community is ‘on’ 24/7 and demands responsive management. Szilaghi Consulting performs as a team to support and complement a project moving with tactile speed to address community needs in real-time to ensure highly effective engagement and support.

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Create Your ICO Service Plan

STAGE 1: How to prepare your ICO

Legal Entity Set-up: Jurisdiction selection and corporate structure set-up
Business Model Optimization: Business tokenization, token utility design
Advisor/Partner Introduction: Enhance team profile and complete business ecosystem
Core Material Advisory: Whitepaper audit/translation, website production, video production
Private Placement: Bonus tier design, VC and investor strategy, and investor pooling

STAGE 2: How to promote your ICO

Growth Hacking: International program design and content strategy
Community & Bounty Campaigns: Moderator training & bounty campaign design
ICO Marketing: Competitor identification, digital ads strategy, and ICO rating website listing
PR Management: Top tier media pitching and creative pitching strategy
Influencer Strategy: Blockchain/crypto KOL introduction and AMA planning
Roadshow Exposure: Blockchain/crypto events and public pitch opportunities

STAGE 3: How to run your Token sale

KYC/AML Procedures: Global identity verification, identity document verification, and AML
ID as a Service: Leverage Szilaghi Consulting’s user base to boost sales performance
ICO Dashboard: Monitor and manage ICO performance in real-time
Smart Contract Audit: Smart contract review to ensure security
Multi-sig Wallet Management: Multi-sig wallet development and multi-sig wallet training

STAGE 4: How to get listed

Ensure Liquidity: Guaranteed listing as our ICO clients right after the end of your ICO
Robust Exchange Infrastructure: Stable and lightning-fast API and 5-star exchange security
Brand Awareness Boost: Community campaigns and airdrop missions
Trading Volume Boost: Trading contest campaigns
Diversified Trader Base: 25% N.America, 25% EU, 25% Asia, & 25% Rest of the world

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