Curaçao Remote Gaming License

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Curaçao Remote Gaming License

Curaçao provides one eGaming license type, also called a sub-license. Operating under eGaming license covers games of skill, randomness, chance and wagering-related services that use telecommunications.


Curaçao provides one eGaming license type, also called a sub-license. Operating under eGaming license covers games of skill, randomness, chance and wagering-related services that use telecommunications (phone, Internet, IP Networks, Applications, Services, Mobile, Servers, etc). The following are some of the games that can be authorised to operate under the Curaçao eGaming licence: Sportsbooks, Betting exchanges, Online casino games (roulette, blackjack, slots), Live dealing, Skill games, Peer to peer games (poker, backgammon, Mah-jong), Mobile games, Fantasy football (or similar), Financial trading, Pari-mutuel and pool betting, Network gaming, Lotteries, Trivia, Bingo, Common platforms, Affiliates and Skins.


  • 0% gaming tax;
  • No VAT;
  • No Sales Tax;
  • 2% corporation tax for e-Zone companies;
  • No restriction on dividend withdrawals;
  • One type of license;
  • International private IP compliance network;
  • Co-location facilities.

Qualifying for Curaçao’s E-Zone 2% Net Profits Tax

One of the most popular reasons to apply for a company in Curacao is to apply for an E-zone permit to take advantage of the special tax regime where the Curaçao company pays only 2% of its Net company profits. The special tax exemption is valid until the end of December 2025. Only a Curaçao company can hold an E-zone permit.

Specialized Curaçao eGaming Licensing & Compliance Services

We recognize that many eGaming operators may have licenses issued and companies established in other jurisdictions and those ancillary applications, technical services and remote functions might be operating from various geographic locations. An operator may wish to operate under the Curaçao eGaming license in order to benefit from the many specialized compliance services that we offer. We offer specialized services to operators in order to coordinate compliance requirements in a multi-jurisdictional environment. Such services may include but not be limited to application services, domains, IP traffic, the transport and delivery of specific contributing logic or event functions, SSL, DNS, player history data, settlement, and back-office services.

Our Services

  • Acquiring an eGaming license;
  • Incorporation of a Curacao company;
  • Registration for e-Zone status (2% corporate tax) for the e-Gaming company;
  • e-Zone registered address;
  • Provision of local Managing Director for the eGaming Company;
  • Co-location and Hosting Facilities with adequate bandwidth and redundancy in the e-Zone;
  • Compliance services – compliance for specific data, application services, IP traffic, contributing remote services and events. Compliance may be achieved via our Global IP compliance services, consisting of global remote IP compliance services, dedicated servers, co-location, VPS, cloud servers, data storage services and hosting;
  • Custom solutions – including dedicated servers, VPS servers, private cloud servers, global IP compliance services, cloud data storage, hosting, single unit rack space or high capacity private racks in our worldwide private network locations. Our partners’ compliance services and data centers are strategically located worldwide providing licensees with turnkey compliance-ready solutions, optimal performance and geographic control for maximized delivery of worldwide services. Its core compliance services data centre and centralized hub of our global operations and IP compliance services is located and operated from within the Curaçao Government E-zone. This is the centralized location where all the major International Sub- Marine Fiber-Optic Cable Systems terminate to Curaçao.

Other Services under the Curacao eGaming license

The following are some examples of other services that can be considered for operation under the Curaçao eGaming license:

  • Common Platform Service Provider;
  • Integrator/Services Provider/Operator;
  • BackOffice, Registration Management and Services;
  • Brokerage, Agent Services;
  • Relay or IN-Path event or logic services;
  • Backup services or Disaster Recovery.

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