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Want to get ahead of your competitors online? The first step is knowing how you stack up.

“We are a global management consulting firm, supporting gaming and gambling companies in achieving outstanding results. We are a team of young and dynamic professionals, who bring in several years of executive level experience in the gambling industry and merge them with the perspective of the younger generation. We offer full support to lottery operators and sports betting companies as well as other entities active on the gaming and gambling markets.

Gambling Consulting Services from Szilaghi Consulting

Szilaghi Consulting provides practical and insightful consultancy, data and market reports for the global gambling industry. Our consultancy and advice is based on more than 17 years’ experience in different areas of the gambling sector.

Szilaghi Consulting’s Gambling Consulting Process

Online Gambling is a very popular and profitable business. The online gambling is considered a prohibited activity in a number of countries this is why most of online gambling licenses are issued in offshore countries. All online gambling businesses that want to be legal must be registered and in compliance in at least one jurisdiction. The most common jurisdictions to obtain licenses for the online gambling businesses are in Caribbean in countries like Antigua and Barbuda, Costa Rica, Curacao; in Europe in countries like Malta and the Isle of Man, in Pacific region in countries like Vanuatu.

When considering the jurisdiction of license for your online betting, bingo, casino, esports, fantasy sports, poker or sports betting business it is important that you consider initial licensing costs, ongoing licensing costs, maintenance costs, taxes etc. Licensing also provides players with a level of trust and as such enhances the chances of success for the business.

The legal status of gambling business and online gambling varies from country to country and is changing in many of them. Consultants at Szilaghi Consulting have long time experience in field of gambling industry. Szilaghi Consulting can help you arrange lawful offshore and onshore structuring for your gambling business. Szilaghi Consulting can help you with the following tasks:

  • Set up licensed gambling companies and providing supporting services for poker, online casino, betting sites
  • Assist with corporate accounts in gambling banks
  • Assist with personal accounts in gambling banks
  • Assist with merchant accounts for gambling businesses
  • Arrange servers for hosting gambling sites
  • Assist you with finding right software provider or with developing of software
  • Tax optimization structures, residencies, citizenship

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