The Alabama Senate passed the bill for casinos and sports betting

The Alabama Senate passed Bill 310, which legalizes sports betting and land-based casino games with a 27-4 vote. The bill will allow operators to operate casino games, including slots, historic horse racing machines, video lottery terminals, and table games such as poker, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack, in one of the six locations in the state. The six locations where licensed operators can operate are in … Continue

Governor Ducey signs bill to legalize sports betting in Arizona

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has signed House Bill 2772 this Thursday that will allow Arizona consumers to bet on sports at tribal casinos and fantasy sports sites owned by major league sports teams. The previously existing tribal-state pact was due to expire in the next few years, but the implementation of House Bill 2772 will update this agreement. The new measure approved by the Legislature … Continue

How to Get a Gambling License in 2021

To conduct gambling activities, any company must obtain an online gambling license. Nothing happens without a game license. To open bank and merchant accounts, work with electronic payment system providers, and purchase legal gaming content, you need this license. Moreover, through the license, you can increase customer loyalty and the reputation of your casino. In fact, if you follow the rules, it’s easy to get … Continue

Which games of chance require a gaming license in Romania

Gambling is defined as that commercial activity that cumulatively meets the following conditions: material winnings are awarded, usually in cash, as a result of the public offer by the organizer of a potential win and acceptance of the offer by the participant, with a fee of direct or hidden participation, the winnings being attributed by random selection of the results of the events that are … Continue

$ 25m mobile betting license fee in New York

The New York budget bill introduced a license fee for legal sports betting on mobile phones worth $ 25 million, as well as the bidding process for interested companies. As announced by Governor Cuomo’s office, the Gambling Commission will begin a bidding process to select at least two platform providers to operate sports betting. Platform providers will obtain licenses and must offer at least four … Continue

Alabama residents will vote for the state lottery

This week, Alabama senators will vote to legalize a state lottery, thus bypassing the vote to legalize casinos. They hope to legalize the state lottery with or without casinos. This type of voting has not taken place since 1999 when Alabama residents rejected a state lottery proposed by Governor Don Siegelman. Alabama is one of the 5 states in the country that do not yet … Continue

The expansion of crypto-casinos

The online world is expanding and becoming more and more digital. Thus, more and more things take place online, from work and entertainment to education. The best examples of growing digitalization are online casinos and cryptocurrency. Crypto casinos are the best example of how an entire business can run almost exclusively online and on digital platforms. Both show how far technology has come and from … Continue

The first gambling license open the doors of the online Ukrainian market

On February 2nd, the Regulation Commission of Gambling and Lotteries issued its first gambling license, and one week later issued two more, opening the door for the online operators in the Ukrainian gaming market. Even if the land-based business is not fully operational, starting on the same day, the Commission has issued 6 permits for hotels that are ready to place and start as gambling … Continue

Player Protection first pledges Netherlands Legal Protection Minister

In response to concerns raised by an MP, Mr. Sander Dekker, the Netherlands Minister for Legal Protection, recently declared that the Dutch Government will pledge its energy on protecting children and young adults from gambling-related harm when the country’s legal gambling market will open on April 1st. The Netherlands iGaming market is set to open this year, after few delays, but there are concerns about … Continue

Netherlands online gambling regulations ready to come into force

The Netherlands’ government has published the secondary gambling regulations underpinning the measures set out in the Remote Gaming Act, adding a ban on using sports teams in advertisements, even though the sponsorship will be permitted, and brings some changes in the bonusing rules. Through these new regulations, the Dutch Government establishes the way in which online gambling activities will take place in the Netherlands, as … Continue

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