Enforcement of the ban on minors participating in gambling

In the context of increasing the number of casinos and sports betting rooms, as well as the offer to participate in such online games, the representatives of the National Gambling Office pay special attention to the way in which operators ensure the prohibition of minors from participating in gambling. The provisions of art. 7 para. 1) of the GEO no. 77/2009, on the organization and … Continue

Green light for Ukraina land and online gambling

Ukraine’s legislature, the Verkhovna Rada, has passed a bill to regulate both land-based and online gambling in the country after a 248-95 vote at the second reading. In October 2019, Oleg Marusyak introduced in Parliament the 2285-D bill as one of six alternatives to the reforms submitted by the Servant of the People Party-led government. Even if it failed to pass at first reading in … Continue

Gambling Joint Venture in Romania

Due to the fact that the gambling special regulation in Romania allows the exploitation of gambling, jointly or not, between an organizer and one or more economic operators or individuals between whom there is a contract concluded under the law, the most practical form the exploitation of gambling is represented by the joint venture. According to the legal provisions, this type of contract includes mandatory … Continue

Ukrainian gambling bill ready for review

The Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy approved on June 3rd the 2285-D bill to legalise and regulate both online and land-based gambling in Ukraine and is now ready for a second view. “The Committee almost unanimously supported the formation of a new gambling market and now asks for the support of the Verkhovna Rada.” Servant of the People deputy and Committee on Finance, … Continue

The Netherlands Issues New Gambling Regulations

The Netherlands’ government published new regulations regarding the measures set out in the Remote Gaming Act, that aim to enable the parliament to submit comments on the proposed rules. The regulations set out how gambling operators can conduct business in the Netherlands, and what conditions must they fulfil in order to secure a licence. A five-years awarded to the operators, by the Dutch gambling regulator … Continue

Irresponsible betting ad banned by ASA

The UK’s advertising standards authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint against matched betting service Profit Accumulator for suggesting that matched betting could be a solution to financial problems. The complaint concerned two posts on Profit Accumulator’s Instagram account. The first showed an image with the text “Colossal Win 2,380.50” and the caption “Absolutely amazing win from one of our members 12 minutes ago,” followed by … Continue

Maine Senate overrides Governor veto on sports betting bill

With the legislation now set to move forward and become law, the Maines’ Senate voted to override Governor Janet Mills’ veto of a bill that would legalize sports betting. The Senate voted 20-10 in favor of the measure when asked the question: “Shall this Bill become a law notwithstanding the objections of the Governor?” The bill will now be put to a vote in Maine’s … Continue

Swiss Canton of Glarus Considers Overhauling Their Gambling Regulations

In January 2019 Switzerland implemented the Federal Act on Real-Money Gambling (Bundesgesetz über Geldspiele) pushing the Swiss canton of Glarus to launch a public consultation on a series of changes of its gambling laws. The Glarus Department of Security and Justice is convinced that new federal laws require revision because these drastically affect the local economy. These laws outlaw unlicensed activities and permitted land-based casinos … Continue

The obligations of bookmakers in relation to the Treasury and gamblers

The bookmaker has the responsibility of awarding the prize within a maximum of three working days to the person who presented the chips, coupons, tickets or other means to prove the winnings. Art. 110 of the new Fiscal Code states that the revenue from traditional gambling, offline bets, is imposed by withholding at the source. For each winning ticket, the following tax will be paid: … Continue

GDPR Brings a Fundamental Change to Online Gaming Industry

Online gambling companies collect and store massive amounts of player data. Player and device IDs, geo and demographic information, playing history, payment transactions and tracking data are just a few examples of the data that companies collect, store and use for various purposes. The data collection is performed to enhance players’ user experiences, to profile in order to provide players with personalized entertainment, as well … Continue

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