How To Obtain A Gambling B2B License In Romania?

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Romania has emerged as a vibrant hub for iGaming operators, witnessing robust growth fueled by various factors such as its sizable population of nearly 20 million, an impressive internet penetration rate of 88%, and a deep-rooted cultural acceptance of gambling. With an estimated annual Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) of €900 million, the Romanian market presents lucrative opportunities for operators seeking to expand their foothold in Eastern Europe.

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Advantages of Securing a Gambling License in Romania

Romania boasts a fully regulated and dynamic gambling landscape, making it an attractive destination for businesses operating in the iGaming sector. Acquiring a Romanian B2B gambling license not only ensures compliance with local regulations but also unlocks access to a thriving ecosystem of B2C providers within the country. By obtaining this license, companies can broaden their market reach and capitalize on a wealth of business prospects. At iGaming Express, we firmly believe that obtaining a Romanian license is a strategic step forward in expanding your enterprise.

Notably, non-Romanian entities can obtain this B2B license without the need for a physical presence in Romania, thereby avoiding corporate and gambling taxes. Furthermore, holding a Romanian B2B license facilitates the establishment of IBAN accounts in European payment systems and cryptocurrency exchanges, offering additional flexibility for financial operations.

Target Audience for the License

This license caters to B2B providers specializing in the gambling industry, offering products and services to B2C operators licensed in Romania. A Class II license is mandated for entities engaged in specific activities within the gambling sector, including:

  • management and hosting facilities on the gaming platform, respectively: operators that have management and integration platforms specific to remote gambling, as well as operators of server storage centers (data centers);
  • production, distribution, repair and maintenance activities for gaming equipment, import, export, intra-community acquisition, intra-community delivery or other activities with components or gaming equipment;
  • payment processors;
  • for companies that produce and/or distribute software specialized in the field of gambling, as well as companies that transmit images of gambling games characteristic to casinos;
  • for affiliated persons
  • for certifiers, auditors, and conformity assessment bodies.

It’s important to note that each listed activity requires a separate license. The validity of the license spans 10 years, contingent upon the annual fee payments.

Prerequisites for License Acquisition

Obtaining the license necessitates either the establishment of a company in Romania or the European Union. Non-resident companies must undergo local registration and obtain a Romanian tax identification number (CIF). Key personnel involved must possess unblemished criminal records and impeccable reputations, with a demonstrated expertise in the relevant gambling sector. Comprehensive anti-money laundering protocols and regulatory compliance measures are mandatory, including the implementation of AML/KYC policies, data protection measures, and risk management frameworks.

Additionally, applicants must demonstrate ownership of copyrighted software used for B2C clients and undergo annual financial audits. For non-resident B2B operators, fulfilling tax obligations, including the submission of tax declarations and payment of annual license fees to the Romanian State Budget, is mandatory.

Government Fees Breakdown

The government fees associated with acquiring a B2B gambling license in Romania are as follows:

  • Administrative fee for license issuance: €10,500
  • Annual licensing fee: €20,000
  • Annual Responsible Gambling contribution: €15,000

In Summary

Securing a B2B gambling license in Romania entails navigating through a maze of legal intricacies. At Szilaghi Consulting, our seasoned team stands ready to assist you throughout the process, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and a successful outcome. Contact us today to streamline your journey towards regulatory approval in the dynamic Romanian gambling market.

How can Szilaghi Consulting help you get your Online Gambling License?

Embarking on the intricate journey of iGaming solutions demands the support of seasoned professionals. Szilaghi Consulting, with its profound industry knowledge and proficiency, emerges as a guiding light for those deciphering Romanian gambling regulations. Our dedication extends beyond mere guidance; we’re committed to ensuring your enterprise flourishes in this ever-evolving domain.

To encapsulate, the Romanian online gambling realm offers a plethora of advantages for prospective investors. Its political stability, enticing tax benefits, and broad advertising avenues make Romania an astute choice for global operators. It’s essential to remain informed about local gambling regulations, guaranteeing a smooth and law-abiding gaming experience.

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