Malta Enacts Law Safeguarding Online Gambling Operators

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New Legislation Shields Maltese Offshore Operators from Foreign Liability

The Maltese parliament has approved a bill, now signed into law as Act No. XXI 2023 Gaming (Amendment) Act, which provides legal protection to online gambling operators licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The legislation specifically aims to shield these operators from foreign liability.

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Under the new law, Maltese courts are directed to reject and not enforce foreign judgments against Malta-licensed gambling companies that operate within the European market. This prevents other European countries from pursuing legal action in Malta against operators who target their respective markets while operating under a Maltese license.

Operators often rely on their Maltese licenses, citing the free movement of services within the European bloc. However, some European countries contest this interpretation, arguing that they have the authority to restrict Maltese licensed operators from targeting their customers, referencing a 2017 decision by the European Commission.

Despite these developments, certain operators continue to resist paying judgments issued against them in countries such as Germany and Austria, prompting international lawyers to initiate legal proceedings against them in Malta.

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